Portfolio Description


To develop learner profiles and to collect information relevant to learner needs it might be necessary to conduct skills audits and training needs analyses.
A skills audit is an assessment of the organization’s needs with regard to skills and knowledge. A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) provides identification of the current skills, required skills and skills gaps relevant to individual employees.
A skills audit addresses organizational needs and identifies where new learning will be helpful. Areas that might come under examination could include:
• General work activities/ skill requirements
• Competencies relevant to specific jobs or work tasks
• Interactions between work sectors/ divisions
• Adherence to safety requirements and regulations
• Operations—processes and procedures followed to carry out work
• Skills required for effective use/ operation of machinery and/or equipment
• Resources, resource allocation and use
• Support systems, processes and procedures
• Special projects
• Team‐based or individual work
• Management procedures

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